David Eschenhagen
Tax accountant (external associate)

David Eschenhagen

David Eschenhagen is an independent tax accountant and associate of Ludwig Braun Domrich.

David Eschenhagen's office is at Am Seekorso 52, 14089 Berlin (www.eschenhagen.eu).

Born in 1971, his father a Berliner and his mother English, he grew up in Berlin bilingual. After completing his training as a tax assistant and subsequent degree in industrial economics, he initially spent six years working for a major Berlin tax-accounting and audit firm. He has been an independent tax accountant since 2005.

David Eschenhagen has a proven knowledge of tax accountancy as it relates to inheritance planning and company succession, and of international tax law. He can offer his clients the entire range of tax-accounting services.


  • Accounting
  • Drawing up annual financial statements
  • Drawing up tax returns
  • Managing wage and salary accounts
  • Advice on business management and design of tax arrangements


David Eschenhagen speaks English and German