There is good reason why all those accused have a right to defend themselves – and victims a right to legal redress.

Anyone who has committed a crime needs an intelligent defence if worse is to be avoided. And that applies all the more to people who stand accused, though innocent. We can defend you really well.

Once in court, a good criminal defence is a sort of life insurance. For anyone who dispenses with expert legal counsel could find problems in his future life and career, problems which a defence lawyer can avoid.

Our expertise covers the whole range of criminal commercial, criminal finance, and criminal property law. We help in cases of arson, assault, libel, slander, narcotics and perjury, in juvenile criminal law, road-traffic law, and in all questions of accommodation. Talk to us! We are very likely to be experts in the area which concerns you.

Of course we supply our comprehensive expertise to victims of crime, too – handling ancillary claims, providing witness assistance, or conducting associated civil cases.