Oliver Braun, LL.M.


Having taken his degree in Münster and trained in Passau, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, Oliver Braun started work as an attorney for a major Spanish practice. Since 2007 he has been advising and assisting both private and institutional investors and real-estate companies in transactions, restructuring measures, questions of financing and development projects.

Oliver Braun is also thoroughly conversant with the law of landlord and tenant, residential property law, and the law relating to real-estate agents. He also advises clients from Germany and abroad on company start-ups and restructuring measures.

Oliver Braun qualified in the law of property and real-estate on a postgraduate LL.M (Master of Law) course at the University of Münster and passed an extra-occupational MBA course majoring in private wealth management.


Law of property and real estate

  • Property transactions – national and international
  • Legal due diligence
  • Structuring real-estate portfolios
  • Property finance
  • Law of landlord and tenant – including short commercial lettings
  • Residential-property law
  • Inspection and approval of building work
  • Project development
  • Tax aspects of landed property
  • Law relating to real-estate agents
  • Law relating to property developers

Company law

  • Handling company start-ups
  • Restructuring companies
  • Transfer or acquisition of companies and corporate shareholdings

Inheritance law

  • Structuring family assets
  • Transfer of assets
  • Anticipated inheritance
  • Company succession